Teachers as Architects of Learning

An Empowering Program for Teachers Who Put Learning First

There’s little point considering your teaching without understanding the way in which your students learn. But amid the many conflicting pressures of the job, we often wind up focusing on delivering content, rather than those we’re trying to educate. Based on the book, Teachers as Architects of Learning, this highly sought-after program will help you reflect on specific areas of your teaching practice – arming you with the practical advice and skills needed to help you and your students thrive.

In this empowering program for teachers and coaches, we will help you pinpoint what is working so that you can leverage from that and help you identify what you might need to consider in the development of your practice. You’ll also discover how to accurately self-assess your impact and help others to do the same. You will also learn how to transform your school culture into one that truly prioritises teacher development.
Using the insights of our expert program leaders, you’ll examine your teaching practice through new eyes, while harnessing your own expertise, experience and resourcefulness to further develop your skills.


What past participants are saying

As an Educator, What You do Matters

Maximise Your Impact

Teaching is an exciting profession but can be a daunting one too.

Our decades of experience have shown us that many teachers feel a tension between what they do and the impact they have. In our research and experience, teachers have confided that they often feel confused, anxious and lack the time to fully focus on what matters most to them – the learning of their students.

In this interactive and engaging program, we’ll help you reflect on your own teaching methods and recalibrate your practice in ways that are highly beneficial to those learning from you.

This is one of Australia’s most energising and uplifting teacher development programs. So, if you’d like to join this groundbreaking program, apply today.

Program Options

Conference Keynotes and Breakout Session:

Topics include:

  • The identity of Learning Architects
  • How to Strengthen your Use of Explicit Instruction
  • Effective Strategies for Learning-Focused Teachers
  • How to Make Time Your Friend in the Classroom
  • The Power of Student Feedback

One Day Workshop (online or in-person)

Discover what shapes your teaching identity and how this relates to your development as a teacher.

Investigate the difference between embedded, visible and deliberate practice and what that means to your own development as a teacher.

Learn how to apply twelve constructs to create successful learning experiences including how to:

  • make effective use of time
  • develop safe and supportive classrooms
  • use successful questioning approaches
  • make the most of student feedback
  • connect meaningfully to a student’s lifeworld
  • strengthen use of explicit instruction

Intensive Action Learning Program

Teacher teams work together over three non-consecutive days through a process of self-discovery, commitment and action. Through a process of action learning they identify, practice, refine and measure the impact of their own deliberate teaching practice while learning how to assist someone else in the development of their own.

Day 1: Laying the Foundation and Identifying Focus
Day 2: Supporting the Learning and Refining Focus
Day 3: Reflecting and Celebrating Growth

  • Copy of Teachers as Architects of Learning 2nd edition
  • Teachers as Architects Learning Guide

What You'll Learn

Embrace New Ideas

Don’t get stuck in a teaching rut. You’ll be supported to weave new approaches into your teaching practice.

Harness Research

Use research and data to find out what works and what doesn’t.

Support Your Peers

Learn how to have structured and professional conversations with other teachers, focusing on teaching development.

Find Fresh Approaches

Learn how to bring classroom observation, coaching, reflective practice and teaching strategies together to elevate your practice.

Assess Yourself

Learn how to use the power of self-reflection to raise the impact of your practice

Inspire Your Students

Use learning-centred teaching methods to get your students highly engaged.

Program Facilitators

Gavin Grift

Gavin Grift is the founder and CEO of Grift Education. His passion, commitment, humour and highly engaging style have made him one of Australia’s most in-demand presenters. Through his keynotes, seminars, and coaching services, Gavin connects with national and international audiences on how to cultivate authentic collaboration, build success in others and genuinely commit to reflective practice. He has led the development of PLC networks across Australia, culminating in the establishment of the Centre for Professional Learning Communities.

Gavin strongly believes that all students should have the same chances of success, but this is often dependent on the teacher they get. His mission is to help reduce ‘teacher lottery’ by developing teachers and leaders through transformational programs that focus on coaching, collaboration and teaching practice.

He’s also a best-selling author, with nine educational books under his belt, including Teachers As Architects of Learning, Five Ways of Being and Transformative Collaboration.

Janelle McGann

Janelle Mcgann is a global educator with over twenty-five years’ experience in both public and private schools in Australia, Ireland and the US. As a teacher, leader, consultant and lecturer, Janelle understands the demands of a changing educational landscape for teachers and leaders. Janelle facilitates workshops and institutes with teachers, leaders and brings to this her wealth of experience from working at the middle school, senior school and tertiary level.

Janelle has a passionate interest in learning; supporting teachers and leaders in developing systems which nurture the human spirit of individuals and organisations and the students they serve. She has led organisational change including the strategic leadership of teaching and learning, building capacity, stirring innovation and fostering engagement in the organisation she led. Her work with schools focuses on supporting teachers in their work as curriculum designers and instructional leaders; designing more effective curriculum and pedagogy to meet the needs of students today and into the future. Her expertise includes using technology in the designing and mapping of curriculum.

Janelle (M.A.Ed.) is also a qualified agency trainer for Cognitive Coaching with Thinking Collaborative, a certified trainer for Understanding by Design and the Lead Training Associate for Teachers as Architects of Learning.

Clare Major

Clare is the founder and CEO of Clinical Psychology Australia.  She has worked within the public and independent school systems for over 20 years. In this time, her roles have included classroom teacher, student welfare coordinator, regional project leader and Principal. Clare’s knowledge and expertise has also been utilised at the State level in the forming of educational policy.  

As a master educator and psychologist (clinical) Clare challenges and agitates the status quo examining the fundamentals of leading and learning.  This has led her to working with a variety corporate organisations, educational institutions and private practice.  Her work with the University of Melbourne has included teaching within psychology and medical faculties in area of developmental child psychology, general psychopathology and neuropsychology. 

Clare is both an academic published author of peer reviewed journal articles on neuro and developmental psychology and co-author of the beat-selling title, Teachers as Architects of Learning (2018).  Clare’s passion centres on understanding the link between brain, behaviour and the role of emotions.  

Clare is the Co-Founder for the Centre of Learning Architects in the support of both teachers and leaders in becoming students of their own professional practice.

Jill Hanke

Jill works as a curriculum and instruction support specialist for teachers and administrators in Ohio in the US. She has served in this role for 10 years with previous experience teaching kindergarten through third grades. Jill provides curricular, instructional, and technology support to all K-12 teachers and administrators in the district.

She designs and facilitates professional learning opportunities, supports various working groups as both a group member and facilitator, and coaches colleagues.

Jil is also an Adaptive Schools Training Associate and employs knowledge and skills from that body of work and Cognitive Coaching to support groups and individuals in school improvement efforts, standards and curriculum analysis, and professional growth. She is passionate about supporting educators in becoming resourceful, self-directed learners committed to providing equitable education to all children.

Jill has a B.S. in Education in Early Childhood Education from the University of Toledo and a Master in Education in Educational Leadership from Wright State University.