Relational Intelligence

Navigate Your Thinking to Boost Your Professional Impact and Wellbeing

Educators understand the pressure that comes from working with young people, their parents, and school colleagues, while simultaneously navigating their workplace environment. And that’s all while trying to live fulfilling personal lives.

Even though educators love their work, when significant difficulties arise – either on a global scale or a more personal level – it can be hard to focus, find clarity and work out a way to move forward. This could include a disruption at home, trouble with a colleague, a particularly difficult student, or a rate of professional change they feel they can’t keep up with. 

Our Relational Intelligence Program, specifically designed for educators, has been created to help participants access the thinking, tools and support needed to develop and sustain clarity, confidence, and motivation – now and for the long term.


What past participants are saying

As an Educator, You Support So Many People

But Who Supports You?

Relational intelligence can be defined as “a combination of emotional and ethical intelligence, that involves the ability to be aware of and understand own and others’ emotions, values, interests and demands, to discriminate among them, to critically reflect on them and to use this information to guide one’s action and behaviour with respect to self and other people”. (Modified from Pless & Maak 2017)

Developed from our ground-breaking CrisisID self-coaching model, this approach takes each participant through a process of identifying their deepest challenges. Through the application of three distinct thinking navigators, participants are then supported to grow from the experience of addressing their recognised challenge. This culminates in a richer understanding of themselves and their relationship with others. They also learn how to apply the ‘breakthrough’ thinking navigator when assisting colleagues through the inevitable challenges of their work. Through learning how to develop their own self-awareness and regulation, participants also identify how to do this for others.

The program is designed to be highly interactive, personalised, and supportive. Participants are encouraged over time to identify their patterns of thinking. They increase their levels of self-awareness, and apply the filter of kindness and acceptance to shift their self-narratives, leading to increased professional impact and wellbeing. Those taking part experience their relational intelligence through working both on their own and as part of a community of learners.

Program Options

Two Day Retreat (Face to Face)

The Relational Intelligence Program increases emotional intelligence by helping you to:

  • Develop and sustain your self-confidence and motivation through difficult times
  • Increase your levels of self-awareness and self-regulation to improve your relationships
  • Use the awareness of your emotions to pivot your thoughts and actions
  • Increase your levels of empathy towards yourself and others
  • Learn how to maximise your impact when supporting others
  • Grow an optimistic disposition when confronted with problems
  • Develop a more flexible response to situations through increased self-regulation.
  • What is relational intelligence?
  • Who am I in relation to my situation?
  • How can I increase relational intelligence in others?
  • Where to from here?

What You'll Learn

Develop Your Relational Intelligence

Learn about your identity when dealing with stressful and difficult times.

Map Your Pathway

Clarify unhelpful ways of thinking and identify positive ways to move forward.

Grow Your EQ

Unearth the emotions that may be holding you back and learn how to manage them successfully.

Feel Better at Work

Increase empathy towards yourself, your colleagues and your employer.

Lead With Flexibility

Find out how to adjust your support of others through change.

Shift Your Identity

Overcome your distress through a renewed understanding of yourself and others.

Program Facilitators

Gavin Grift

Gavin Grift is the founder and CEO of Grift Education. His passion, commitment, humour and highly engaging style have made him one of Australia’s most in-demand presenters. Through his keynotes, seminars, and coaching services, Gavin connects with national and international audiences on how to cultivate authentic collaboration, build success in others and genuinely commit to reflective practice.

Gavin’s belief in the development of self-awareness and defined professional autonomy for educators challenges and connects the head and heart of his audiences. As a leading Hawker Brownlow Education author he has combined his beliefs, research and experiences on the importance of collaboration and coaching to co-author numerous books including 5 Ways of Being, Teachers as Architects of Learning, Transformative Talk, and Emerge.

“Because who you think you are shapes what you do and how you do it.” – Gavin Grift