Professional Learning Communities

Embracing Collective Responsibility as a School

Any educator knows that no one teacher can ever be all things to all students. But how can you effectively bring the combined skills of all leaders and teachers in a school together to provide the best learning experience possible? For a rapidly growing number of schools, professional learning communities (PLCs) are proving the answer.

PLCs are an approach to school improvement where groups of teachers work in high- performing collaborative teams to improve outcomes for ALL students. It all starts from a simple idea: students learn more when teachers work together. But that depends on how they work and what they work on! Of course, the many demands and challenges of running a busy school mean that bringing staff together as a cohesive unit to focus on the right work is not always as straightforward as it sounds.


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Program Information

The PLC programs, led by Gavin Grift, are designed to help you navigate and embed the PLC process. Gavin has been helping transform schools in Australia using professional learning communities since heading up a pilot program in Adelaide, Melbourne, and Canberra in 2010.

Founded on the ground-breaking work of Robert Eaker, and Richard and Becky DuFour, and drawing on the work of three books – Collaborative Teams that Transform Schools, Learning by Doing: A Handbook for PLCs and Collaborative Systems of Support – the programs give you the practical tools needed to begin transforming your school and teams

Program Options

The Power of Professional Learning Communities

A lot is written and spoken about in terms of professional learning communities (PLCs). In this session, Gavin will outline, from the field of both research and practice, six fundamental questions and characteristics that set PLCs aside from more traditional models of schooling, and help to build staff understanding of what it means to work in a PLC while incorporating strategies with a relentless focus on learning.

  • Discover the 3 big ideas that sit behind a PLC
  • Learn the six critical questions that drive the work of a PLC
  • Discover how PLCs improve student and teacher learning
Professional Learning Communities
Professional Learning Communities

One Day Workshop
PLCs- What they are and what they aren’t

Book your keynote or breakout session for your conference including the topics:

  • Learn how to shift teachers’ beliefs and mindsets to those underpinned by “high levels of learning for all”.
  • Discover why professional learning communities are becoming the highly regarded method for ensuring sustained school and system improvement.
  • Explore ways to start or enhance your PLC journey.

What You'll Learn

Develop Your Understand

Learn what sets professional learning communities apart from more traditional models of schooling

Address Challenges

Find out what’s required to transform your school into a PLC, and common missteps to avoid along the way

Motivate Your Colleagues

Learn to shift teachers’ beliefs and mindsets through strategies to ensure a relentless focus on learning

Shift Your Perspective

Discover why PLCs are becoming the most sought-after approach for continued school improvement

Gain Clarity

Discover the specific work undertaken by collaborative teams in a PLC.

Take Action

Commit to the next steps to transform the way you work together.

Program Facilitators

Gavin Grift

Gavin Grift is the founder and CEO of Grift Education. His passion, commitment, humour and highly engaging style have made him one of Australia’s most in-demand presenters. Through his keynotes, seminars, and coaching services, Gavin connects with national and international audiences on how to cultivate authentic collaboration, build success in others and genuinely commit to reflective practice. He has led the development of PLC networks across Australia, culminating in the establishment of the Centre for Professional Learning Communities.

Gavin strongly believes that all students should have the same chances of success, but this is often dependent on the teacher they get. His mission is to help reduce ‘teacher lottery’ by developing teachers and leaders through transformational programs that focus on coaching, collaboration and teaching practice.

Gavin is committed to growing the legacy of Richard and Rebecca DuFour’s work through the PLC at Work® process, which has been transforming schools in Australia since it’s pilot program in Adelaide, Melbourne and Canberra in 2010.