Leading Collaborative Teams

Their Success is Your Success!

Drawing from the best-selling Australian book, Transformative Collaboration: 5 Commitments for Leading a PLC, this leadership program challenges and supports system leaders, principals, assistant principals, team leaders, instructional coaches and team leaders/facilitators to learn, develop and apply the critical commitments required to successfully lead the implementation of PLCs for genuine school transformation.


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Learn how Professional Learning Communities utilise collaborative practices as the key lever for cultural and structural change that directly improves student and teacher learning. Participants will learn the five commitments leaders embrace with the goal of becoming a high-performing PLC and are provided with tips and strategies on how to ‘put people first’ when engaging in second order change.

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PLC Commitment: Staying loyal to what you said… long after the mood has left you

There is a fundamental difference between schools that function as professional learning communities and their more traditional counterparts. Gavin will dive beneath the surface of the PLC at Work® process to explore the critical commitments educators make to transform school cultures and get the results students deserve. While few would disagree with the importance of improving student learning, many schools struggle with exactly how to embed the PLC at Work® process to achieve high levels of learning of learning for all.

  • What is relational intelligence?
  • Who am I in relation to my situation?
  • How can I increase relational intelligence in others?
  • Where to from here?

One Day Workshop

Explore what it means to be a PLC through;

  • Leading with courage
  • Building a climate of trust
  • Committing to high leverage structural changes, and
  • Using protocols to enhance professional dialogue in and for collaborative teams.

Program Facilitators

Gavin Grift

Gavin Grift is the founder and CEO of Grift Education. His passion, commitment, humour and highly engaging style have made him one of Australia’s most in-demand presenters. Through his keynotes, seminars, and coaching services, Gavin connects with national and international audiences on how to cultivate authentic collaboration, build success in others and genuinely commit to reflective practice. He has led the development of PLC networks across Australia, culminating in the establishment of the Centre for Professional Learning Communities.

Gavin strongly believes that all students should have the same chances of success, but this is often dependent on the teacher they get. His mission is to help reduce ‘teacher lottery’ by developing teachers and leaders through transformational programs that focus on coaching, collaboration and teaching practice.

He’s also a best-selling author, with nine educational books under his belt, including Teachers As Architects of Learning, Five Ways of Being and Transformative Collaboration.

Colin Sloper

Colin Sloper is an Associate Director for Grift Education. Colin works with systems, schools, leaders and educators to transform them into a high-performing professional learning community and to build their capabilities to operate as members of highly effective collaborative teams.

Colin’s skills as an educational leader, speaker and coach alongside of his practical advice and knowledge, as someone who has transformed schools, are highly sought after by educational organisations across all sectors. He is co-author of numerous books including, Transformative Collaboration: Five Commitments for Leading a Professional Learning Community, Collaborative Systems of Support: Learning for All, Learning by Doing: A Handbook for Professional Learning Communities at Work® (Australian Edition) and Professional Learning Communities – Voices from the Field for Hawker Brownlow Education. Colin has previously served as a Principal and Director in both schools and business, including Hawker Brownlow Education and Solution Tree Australia.

Dr Janelle Wills

Dr. Janelle Wills, Ph.D., is a highly regarded presenter who works extensively with schools, regions, and systems throughout Australia. She has authored and co-authored numerous books, and articles including Thinking Protocols for Learning (2020), Transformative Collaboration (2016), and Assessment for Understanding (in Assessment into Practice, 2017).

With over 30 years of teaching and leadership experience, Dr. Wills maintains a strong commitment to continued learning that enables her to remain both informed and innovative in her approach. Throughout her career, she has been adept at linking theory with practice, resulting in the development of significant initiatives both within schools and at a sector level.

Dr. Wills firmly believes in the importance of teaching as a profession and fervently promotes the need for teachers to actively engage with research through action research and reflective practice. Dr. Wills’s Ph.D. thesis focused on self-efficacy and contributed to multiple fields of knowledge, including special education, gifted education, assessment, and feedback.