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Program Options

The Collaborative Teams That Work programs provide teams with a roadmap to ensure students and teachers benefit from the learning their collaborative efforts bring.

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One or Two Day Workshop

This workshop shares key information and tips to create a bridge between the PLC research and what it looks like in schools.

  • Participants will learn about the 12 evidence based actions collaborative teams must take to truly transform both teacher and student learning.
  • Attendees leave the day/s with a blueprint for collaborative teams that they can use in their ongoing efforts to transform learning.
Interactive Webinar

This webinar focuses on specific aspects of the collaborative team process – to help teams work more productively and efficiently on the right work.

  • In this 6 x 60 minute webinar series, participants are led through a process of discovery and learn how to apply the key actions and tasks of a high performing team that truly transform learning
Collaborative Teams Observation Program

A highly structured process for observing collaborative teams in action in order to provide them with specific feedback that accesses the team’s current reality and shapes their future direction against the Collaborative Teams That Work process.

  • This program involves observing collaborative teams and providing them with explicit feedback once per term.