Five Ways Of Being Symposium & Masterclass

Become the leader you want to be!

Do you love what you do but often find yourself wondering whether you are really having the impact you desire? As educational leaders, learning is our core business and needs to sit at the heart of all we think, say and do.

This engaging one or two-day program will help you shift your narrative and develop the mindset of a learning leader.

Choose to attend our
Five Ways of Being Symposium on August 24,
and our
Masterclass on August 25 –
register for both days
to supercharge your leadership.

This event is specifically designed for leaders including principals, deputy principals, and senior, middle and emerging leaders. You’ll learn how to apply the ‘five ways of being’ to become a leader who is more trusting, brave, compelling, purposeful and focused on growth. You will embark on a process of self-discovery and growth, find new ways and methods to unleash your leadership style and amplify your impact.

Day One – Symposium
Thursday 24 August 2023 

Day Two – Masterclass
Friday 25 August 2023 

8:45am to 3:45pm

Hilton Adelaide, 233 Victoria Square, Adelaide

You can attend either the Symposium (day one), Masterclass (day two) or BOTH!

One day: $450 (ex GST) pp
Two days: $850 (ex GST) pp

What participants are saying…

One of the most powerful professional development days I have been on!.”
– Tracey

“The presenters were all so clearly passionate about learning, relationships and growth- and it was contagious. A lovely balance of concepts with their practical applications, plus I picked up so much helpful vocabulary for articulating concepts that have challenged me in the past”
– Georgia

“Thank you for delivering an interactive, inviting and inspiring workshop with loads of practical takeaways”
– Nadia

“The opportunity to learn from highly skilled and experienced practitioners who modelled many of the strategies in their book. Their passion, care, and regard for what they do was infectious. I also appreciated the opportunity to work with and share experiences with a variety of leaders from other sites and contexts.”
– Teresa

“The amount of time spent working through our own personal challenges as opposed to hypothetical situations or learning about strategies in a vacuum. We would naturally apply this to our own context, but it was great that we had time to do this properly with peer and presenter support.”
– Elizabeth

“The opportunity to reflect on myself and my own being. I loved the individual sessions around each of the 5 ways and being. The presenters were fantastic and each one of them engaging in their own way.”
– Linda

“Thank you for all the work you have put in to create a great programme that encourages leaders to pause in their busy roles to reflect on their leadership and practise bring trusting, courageous and part of a learning community.”
– Kristen

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Meet the Presenters

Jane Danvers

  • Currently, the principal of Kambala, and previously the Principal of renowned Wilderness School for 15 years
  • Recipient of the Principals Australia Institute John Laing Award and the AISSA Noel Volk Excellence Award
  • Co-author of the bestselling book, Five Ways of Being (2020)
  • A highly regarded presenter and mentor
  • Featured speaker for the Five Ways of Being Symposium and Masterclass

Heather DeBlasio

  • Has held a variety of middle and executive leadership positions in pastoral care, curriculum, and teaching and learning at a range of independent schools
  • Spent a lifetime committed to growing others and refusing to put limits on what people can achieve
  • A contributing author to the 2nd edition of Patrick Griffin’s Assessment for Teaching (2017). 
  • Co-author of the bestselling book, Five Ways of Being
  • Featured speaker for the Five Ways of Being Symposium and Masterclass

Louisa Ellum

  • Advocated for greater cohesiveness between education, vocational training and other sectors
  • A highly successful 25-year career across Australia’s education, tertiary and social sectors.
  • Opened doors to collaborations and partnerships that benefit the support, learning and wellbeing of children and young people. 
  • A featured speaker for the Five Ways of Being Leadership Symposium.

Gavin Grift

  • Founder of Grift Education, and one of Australia’s most in-demand presenters. 
  • Has helped thousands of educators cultivate authentic collaboration, build success in others and commit to reflective practice. 
  • Co-author of the bestselling book, Five Ways of Being (2020)
  • Featured speaker for the Five Ways of Being Symposium and Masterclass

Colin Sloper

  • Leading expert and author on Professional Learning Communities
  • An educational leader, speaker, and coach 
  • Worked with systems, schools, leaders, and educators to transform them into high-performing professional learning communities 
  • Co-authored numerous titles including Collaborative Teams That Work with Gavin Grift
  • Featured speaker for the Five Ways of Being Symposium