Five Ways of Being Online Leadership Program

The Five Ways of Being Online Leadership Program supports leaders in the development of their own leadership style and strengthens their capacity to have a major impact on learning. With many competing demands, it’s easy for leaders to forget that learning lies at the heart of everything they do.
Based on the book Five Ways of Being, this program helps leaders gain an understanding, agreement and clear articulation of what being a learning leader in an organisation should look, sound and feel like.
This online program both challenges and supports learning leaders to author their own leadership story through career-changing self-discovery and practical tools. The program leaders engage participants in the theory, thinking, and practice learning leaders undertake to truly transform the way they see their own leadership, and help others do the same.
Participants walk away with practical, evidence-based strategies, improved leadership skills and a renewed sense of clarity and confidence that centre on the ‘Five Ways of Being’, which are:

Being trusting

Being brave

Being a storyteller

Being purposeful

Being growth-focused

This online leadership program takes participants through a journey of self-discovery to explore their leadership identity and deepen their self-knowledge. This opens the door to using different strategies and approaches in their work with others. 

Each session delves into the ‘Five Ways of Being’ and addresses the questions of: 

Who am I in my leadership?

Who might I need to become?

What might I need to do?

As the program evolves, participants will be provided with ample time to reflect and interact with their colleagues in meaningful ways and be given the opportunity to capture their insights in their own Five Ways of Being leadership journal. 

25 July 2023
1 August 2023
15 August 2023
29 August 2023
12 September 2023

4pm to 5:30pm (AEST)
3:30pm to 5:00pm (ACST)
2:00pm to 3:30pm (AWST)

Online Webinar
Event held on Zoom webinar. Join the webinar via a unique link in your confirmation email.

Anyone who runs a meeting!

$750 per person (ex GST)

Webinar One: What Learning Leaders Think, Do and Say 

In this session, the authors will outline the role empathy plays in learning-centred leadership and how it relates to what leaders think and do. Participants will also understand the underpinning beliefs of successful learning leaders and how these affect decision making processes. The strategies of Rank and Reason & Talking Partners will be taught.   

Webinar Two: Being Trusting 

In this session, the authors will outline the relationship between our identity as learning leaders with our capacity to be trusting. Participants will understand and explore the role of being curious, mindful, safe and kind to operating from a place of trust. The strategies of S.T.O.P, Three Rules of Feedback and Learning Conversations will be taught.

Webinar Three: Being Brave 

In this session, the authors will outline how to commit to courage over comfort in our work with educators and students. Participants will learn how to accept the reality of a situation and take calculated action, embrace uncertainty as a lever for decisiveness and utilise self-doubt as a tool for growth. The strategies of 6As of Deliberate Action and Lights-Camera-Action will be taught. 

Webinar Four: Being Purposeful in our Stories 

In this session the authors will outline the symbiotic relationship between our ability to be compelling storytellers with being purposeful in our leadership. Participants will explore how the words they choose and the behaviours they display model the truth of the story they tell. They will discover ways to ensure they make choices congruent to their purpose. The strategies of Fireside Chats, the Story of Why and Planning Purposeful Meetings will be taught.  

Webinar Five: Being Growth-Focused

In this session the authors will conclude by sharing the nine critical elements to being growth-focused. Participants will be given the chance to focus explicitly on how to make growth their primary purpose in order to maximise fulfilment and achievement for both themselves and others. They will discover ways to sweep every member of the organisation into an ongoing developmental journey.  The strategies of Challenge Corner, Check-Ins/Not Check-Ups and Leadership Sprints will be taught.  

Who Should Attend?

System leaders
Senior Leaders
Middle Leaders
Anyone who is responsible for others’ learning
Deputy Principals
Emerging Leaders

Program Inclusions

Your copy of Five Ways of Being
5 Ways of Being Leadership journal

Meet the Program Facilitators

Jane Danvers

  • Currently, the principal of Kambala, and previously the Principal of the renowned Wilderness School for 15 years
  • Recipient of the Principals Australia Institute John Laing Award and the AISSA Noel Volk Excellence Award
  • Co-author of the bestselling book, Five Ways of Being (2020)
  • A highly regarded presenter and mentor
  • Featured speaker for the Five Ways of Being Symposium and Masterclass

Heather DeBlasio

  • Has held a variety of middle and executive leadership positions in pastoral care, curriculum, and teaching and learning at a range of independent schools
  • Spent a lifetime committed to growing others and refusing to put limits on what people can achieve
  • A contributing author to the 2nd edition of Patrick Griffin’s Assessment for Teaching (2017). 
  • Co-author of the bestselling book, Five Ways of Being (2020)
  • Featured speaker for the Five Ways of Being Symposium and Masterclass
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