Apply Now – Five Ways of Being Leadership Program

Five Ways of Being Program Options

This ground-breaking, interactive program gives you all the support and evidence-based strategies you need to get the most out of your leadership role.

Conference Keynotes and Breakout Sessions

Book your keynote or breakout session for your conference including the topics:

  • Learning Leadership: The Challenge of Our Times 
  • Five Ways of Being: The Commitment to Learning all Leaders Make 
  • The Key to Learning Leadership: Being Trusting
  • The Key to Learning Leadership: Being Brave
  • The Key to Learning Leadership: Being a Storyteller
  • The Key to Learning Leadership: Being Purposeful
  • The Key to Learning Leadership: Being Growth Focused

One Day Workshop

This workshop supports learning leaders to understand what is critical for them to say and do each day as they commit to move from a model of doing to a model of being. The authors outline practical ways leaders can undertake a journey of self-discovery whilst ensuring they are laying a pathway for others to lead learning.

Outcomes and Objectives:

  • Learn how to genuinely lead learning in others.
  • Understand the environmental conditions required for your colleagues to become leaders of learning.
  • Learn practical strategies to make this happen.

Four Day Seminars

This seminar both challenges and supports learning leaders to author their own leadership story through career-changing self-discovery and practical tools. The authors engage participants in the theory, thinking, and practice learning leaders undertake to truly transform the way they see their own leadership and how they help others do the same.

Outcomes and Objectives:

  • Learn more about your current leadership identity and its implications
  • Increase your capacity to be trustworthy, brave, compelling, purposeful and growth focused in your leadership. 
  • Discover what is required to consciously commit to the development of both yourself and others in the ongoing pursuit of learning for all.
  • Transform your school culture through what you think, do and say everyday.

Delivered as either:

  • Online Seminar (6 X 2 hour Sessions) or
  • 4 Day Seminar (Face to Face)